I thought I’d create a master list that I’d update monthly with psychology, psychiatric nursing, mental health and psychotherapy resources.

Descriptions will be kept as short as possible to maximise space.


The Trauma Therapist – Guy Macpherson Ph.D interviews a different therapist each episode in the fields of mindfulness, trauma and addiction. Resulting in a fascinating podcast.


How to build a healthy brain: reduce stress, anxiety and depression and future proof your brain by Kimberly Wilson.

The colour of madness: exploring BAME mental health in the U.K. by Dr Samara Linton & Rianna Walcott

Websites & Blogs

A Client First (blog) – Erin Stevens is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist from the U.K. who explore issues around counselling and psychotherapy.

Frontiers – is an open access publisher and open science platform. Covering more than 600 academic disciplines and are one of the largest cited publishers in the world.

Reddit Psychology community – Sharing, and discussing, science-based psychological materials.

Welldoing – UK’s leading therapist matching service for in-person and online therapy.

YouTube channels & Social media accounts

Dr Daniel Fox Ph.D – A licensed psychologist who specialises in personality disorders. He regularly shares videos on the full spectrum of personality disorders. From insights and awareness to treatment tips and techniques.


Foundation in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Continuing Professional Development Unit (Formerly Certificate in CBT)