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OU Modules I’m taking next academic year

After sharing via Instagram that I’ve chosen my modules for the next academic year, a few of you have been asking what my life will look like now that I’m studying 120 credits. The short answer is busy, very busy I mean, it’s a lot to take on and it is overwhelming, but I sort of thrive with structure. I will definitely keep my blog updated with mini reflections once I start. For now this is what I’ll be studying in the new academic year,

So, what modules will I be studying?…

This coming year (September 2020) I’ll be taking, D241 Exploring mental health and counselling & DE100 Investigating psychology 2. I’ll have online tutorials, 2 iCMAs which are basically quizzes, 2 mini projects, a collaborative assignment, readings, and various individual assignments. I’m also required to design and conduct my own psychological research.

My most demanding part will definitely be the use of SPSS which is statistical analysis software. Which is used to perform quantitative analysis in research. So it will analyse, transform, and produce a characteristic pattern between different data variables.

It’ll be an adjustment getting used to studying constantly again because I’ve got used to spending my free time by watching Netflix, reading for fun, etc. But I’ll just have to make time for those things now and make sacrifices. Something I feel like I’m going to have to remind myself is that this is all temporary. That there is an end. So while I have the chance, I’m going to give it my absolute all so that I don’t ever look back and regret time spent whining or complaining or whatever.

D241 Exploring mental health and counselling

This module provides a comprehensive introduction to the controversial debates around mental health/illness and the main theories and practices in counselling. You’ll learn about the five main themes that are central to the understanding of the intersection of mental health and counselling, and the role that mental health services play in society, in five separate blocks, and you’ll study a new topic each week.

  • Block 1: Understanding mental health
  • Block 2: Presenting problems
  • Block 3: Models of working
  • Block 4: Counselling in practice
  • Block 5: Contemporary issues: mental health and society

DE100 Investigating psychology 2

This module draws on the four core areas of biological, cognitive, developmental and social research in psychology to investigate how we understand others and the world around us. Individual differences and conceptual and historical issues in psychology (CHIPS) will be taught throughout the module within the context of these four core areas. The module also provides training and practice in a variety of psychological research methods.

  • Block 1: Fundamental concepts in social psychology and leads to the cognitive approaches to understanding the social world.
  • Block 2: Cognitive investigations of perception and attention and the biological understandings of the brain and behaviour.
  • Block 3: Basic biological processes at birth and move through the lifespan to learn about developmental approaches to psychology.

I’m also continuing to work full time at a psychiatric hospital. One thing that I’m realising though, is that I’ll really have to visualise and write down my commitments and prioritise those. But like I said.. this is temporary. And it’s really just beginning.

I also hope to take a more educational stance on my blog + Instagram as I go through my degree. It felt a little directionless for a while there, probably because I myself felt a little directionless, but that’s just the flow of life I guess.

And for those of you who missed my previous blog post where I explained why I chose to change my degree to mental health nursing, read here.

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